Confidence to connect to your true Power

Confidence Coaching

How Confident do you feel?

  • Do you avoid situations like networking or group meetings? 
  • Do you compare yourself to others? 
  • Do you fear speaking up in meetings or with friends?
  • Do you hide in groups at team meetings or at parties?
  • Do you judge yourself for 'not being enough'?
  • Do you lack self-belief?
  • Do you not feel heard? 
  • Do you tell yourself you are not worthy?

Did you answer Yes to any of these questions? Do you want to move out of feeling trapped and make lasting changes about the way you feel so you can truly transform your life?


Confidence from Within - find your Superhero

How confident we feel depends on our attitudes towards the situations we find ourselves in and our internal reactions. 

We can respond so automatically to situations and people yet our attention is placed on what is happening to us rather than what we are doing (how we are creating) in the situation. 

If you were about to stand up and present a brief at work and started to feel anxious do you know how to manage your internal feelings? Do you know what thoughts you are creating? Do you know how you come across to others? 

Memories from our early years can bind us to the past and prevent us from feeling confident in the present moment (now). 

The truth is, your wellness formula is within You! You have every bit of power within you that anyone else does. It's just about tapping into your potential and letting go of the old story.

You can make changes in your life, you can go out to meet new people, you can stand in front of your colleagues and present your project. 

The key is to be able to recognise what your thoughts are, what patterns you keep repeating and understand the blueprint for wellness that you have.  

Give your superhero the voice to shine with new positive anchors, a framework from which you can access your inner confidence so that your Superhero Self can step forward for health and wellness. 

Confidence Coaching Training

This unique training draws on my experience as a theatre actress, producer, sales manager and natural therapy practitioner. 

Confidence Coaching training brings together simple practices so you can let go of fear and anxiety and find your inner confidence to

live your life to the full! 

Over 6 weeks you'll follow 3 Key Steps, taking you on a journey of understanding through to implementing the changes you want. 

Step 1 - Conscious 

Become mindful of how your underlying beliefs keep you from feeling confident about yourself. Developing your awareness of what is the core issue you can learn to overcome it through simple techniques 

Step 2 - Creative 

Building a new framework with language and tools in how to express yourself and boost your self esteem. Learn how what words you say about yourself and regarding situations keeps the pattern in place. By becoming creative we start to form new patterns with our inner-dialogue. 

Step 3 - Cohesive 

Developing anchors in your body helps you to re-programme how you feel physiologically. When we align with our body and feel confident within we will stand, walk and talk with more awareness. When you anchor these you can tune into your inner value and make an impact in any situation. 


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